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About Me

Akashic Records, Psychic, Spiritual Life Coach, and Master Reiki Practitioner

Kristen has worked as a PA in critical care medicine for 15 years. She graduated with her Masters in Science from an Osteopathic School that focused on mind, body, and spirit.  Working in critical care, Kristen focused her energy mostly on healing the 3rd dimensional, physical body.  

Kristen grew up riding and competing horses in 3 day eventing, and now, solely, in the equestrian sport of dressage.  She always felt grounded and anchored while being with the horses and in nature.  In college, she found hiking soothed her soul. It was here, out in the woods, where she began to have spiritual experiences.  In the woods, by a creek, Kristen had her first conscious encounter with one of her spirit guides. 

As Kristen’s spirituality grew, she knew she was experiencing a spiritual awakening that anchored her and grounded her.  She wanted to share this with fellow souls, both human and animals.  She then became certified in Akashic Record Soul Realignment (R) by Andrea Hess.  Wanting to add more energy work into her healing, Kristen went through multiple courses by Suzanne Smith and is certified as a Master Reiki Practitioner.  Most recently, as Kristen’s intuition grew, she has been mentored and certified by the amazing psychic medium, Gina Scarpino. 

Through all of Kristen's combined learning, she realized she could help people and animals on a much larger level than just the body.  It was time to heal the body, mind, and spirit.  Although, she does not practice medicine or diagnose in this realm, Kristen is able to connect to the soul and help heal the mind and spirit, which in turn, heals the body. Her awakening has anchored her.  Now Kristen helps others awaken and anchor. 

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